Industrial Security

We take the opportunity to render quality services with trained & well manner security staff in the industry / factory to protect the product.

Hotel Security

Assist the incoming /outgoing guests during their stay in the hotel and keep a watch on all the moment to safeguard the property of the guest as well as property related to the hotel.

Hospital Security

To half and assist the doctors, nursing staff, patients and their families for the better and fast services in the peak hours. As well as record for incoming and outgoing patients, Visitor, material such as Medicines, Medical Equipments and other property of the Hospital.

Bank Security

We take the opportunity to serve the banks the security guard , armed guards as per the requirement. Also we provide the security with the case van for movment of the cash in city as well as out also.

Night Checking

We commit to our client minimum four surprise checks during the night to all units in the month to the works of individuals companies during the night and the same report we forward to the respective units on very next day.

Utility Services

 We also take the privilege to render the service for supplying the skilled/unskilled labors on contractual basis for assisting the management , office staff, visitors, front office staff, telephone operator in addition to the above service. We also take the opportunity to provide contract labor for maintaining the office decorum, maintaining clearing/ sweeping , packing gardening & other various purposes.